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Flax is a very productive oilseed crop of early spring sowing. After sowing, the first shoots appear already on the 7th day, this plant is able to tolerate short-term frosts up to -4 ° C.

Flax seeds are sown under the winter or spring directly into the ground. Most often this is carried out at the end of April. Seeds sown for the winter are well preserved. Seeds are recommended to sow in holes not more than two centimeters deep, moderately watered. The plant does not like moistened soils and perfectly tolerates drought. If in the summer season a lot of precipitation falls, then the flax does not require additional watering.

It is very appropriate to introduce fertilizers, they significantly increase the yield, it is recommended to apply 6.4 tons of mineral fertilizers per 1 ha of flax crops. Applied fertilizers: precipitate, superphosphate in a mixture with phosphate flour, as well as granular superphosphate, various forms of potassium fertilizers. Ideal as the main fertilizer under the flax is peat (40 tons per 1 hectare) or rasp (5-10 tons per 1 hectare).

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