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So, what kind of leies should you sow in the spring? Ideal for those purposes Phacelia and mustard, spring rape is ideal, they require a very early planting, not afraid of frost and sprout as soon as the zero temperature. They also sow a vetch, it is a wonderful cyderate as a precursor to tomatoes and peppers. Leies grow on the site until the planting of the main garden crop. There are three options:

1. The easiest, but not the most effective: digging up the site, sealing up the leies into the soil, and from above to plant the main crop;

2. Cut stalks of green manure to the soil a few centimeters deeper level, then planted vegetable seedlings and cuttings tops green manure zamulchirovat flower bed - ground part of the fertilizer begins to rot and gradually becomes fertilizer. It must be remembered that the phacelia cut by flat-cutting does not grow any more, while the mustard continues to grow;

3. The most difficult method of using green manure: a bed in a growing green-manures are doing well and planted in their vegetable seedlings, where it grows between green manure for two to three weeks. Next, the siderates must be cut with scissors at a height of about five centimeters from the ground and spread them right there, on the bed. As soon as the ciderates begin to grow, they need to be cut back to the same height, and so on until it's time to clean the vegetable culture.

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