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Name any one best or universal leies that is suitable for any plant is absolutely impossible. And the fact is that each plant needs its own leies, and each leies has its purpose, therefore it is difficult to determine which leies are the best. For example, the best leies for the soil are lupine, olive radish, rye, oats and phacelia. Also for strawberries are the same olive radish, rapeseed, mustard and buckwheat. The best leies for sowing for the winter will be oats, raisins, winter rye, rape and vetch.

Therefore, we should talk about each group of leies separately.

Leies Legumes: clover, vetch, alfalfa, lentils, soybeans, peas, clover, lupine, chickpeas, beans. The most popular and applicable is considered lupine as leies. Lupines are sown from the end of July to the middle of August after harvesting cabbage or potatoes, but the best time for planting is the early spring; Donnik is a one-year-old bean plant, which is also better planted on neutral soil in early spring, although summer and autumn plantings are quite permissible; Cruciferous: mustard, radish, oilseed rape, rape. The most popular of these is white mustard white, which is very important for crop rotation. From the roots of this siderate, organic acids are released which, when interacting with the soil, release hardly soluble phosphates, accumulate potassium and convert nutrients into easily digestible; Radish oilseed - an annual plant, prevents disease, planted with a vetch or other legumes.

Cereals: wheat, barley, rye, oats. Rye as leies helps to reduce weeds, eliminate pathogens of fungal diseases, inhibit nematodes, its roots loosely soil, most of all in the role of the previous culture leies suits potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkin cucumbers and zucchini. Leies oats loosens clay soils, clearing them of root rot. It is best to plant it in combination with a vetch, oats are considered the best predecessor for cucumbers.

Buckwheat: buckwheat. The leies have a short vegetation period and a very developed root system, sometimes reaching one and a half meters. Buckwheat deeply loosens the soil, reduces the acidity of the soil and enriches the poor soils with phosphorus, potassium and organic components.

Complex, or Astrological: sunflower, calendula. In sunflower, the root system grows to a depth of up to two meters, it has a large amount of green mass, the plant is unpretentious and grows on soils of any composition and any acidity.

Amaranth: amaranth. Hydrophiles: phacelium. Ciderat phacelia from the family of the Water-leaf, this is the most valuable honey plant. It has a short vegetation period, developing the root system and a powerful ground part. Cultivate leies on any ground, it is very cold and undemanding to lighting, improves the structure and increases the air permeability of the soil.

Winter leies. In the spring, the leies are sown in the furrows, and in the fall it is easier to spread the seeds around the site and cover them with mulch, possibly winter siderates sow and grooves, but the depth of the embankment should be less than in the spring - no more than 3-4 cm. As winter leies most commonly used rye and oats

Leies for potatoes. After harvesting the potatoes, the site is planted with oats, white mustard and peas, leaving them for the winter. In spring, shoots of leies are cut with a flat cut (at a depth of 5-7 cm), and in 7-20 days in this area, early potatoes can already be sown. If in the fall the leies were not planted, then as soon as in the spring after warming the soil it is recommended to sow a mixture of phacelia, oats and white mustard. In a few weeks the plants build up a green mass, which is cut with a flat cut before planting the potatoes. After harvesting the potatoes, the area should be reseeded with leies.

It is not recommended to grow the leies and the main crop in one area, if they are from the same family, you need to mow the leies in time, you should not allow the tree and roots to grow lignified, especially seed ripening - this greatly damages the site, complicates the loosening of the soil and leads to uncontrolled growth of the leies; It is necessary to adhere to the laws of crop rotation, not to grow the same leies on a site from year to year; it is right to choose leies: some grow well on poor soils, others need fertile soils.

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