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Birds-foot trefoil (LOTUS CORNICULATUS)
Birds-foot trefoil (LOTUS CORNICULATUS)

Description. Birds-foot trefoil is a herbaceous perennial plant of the Papilionoideae family or Legume (Fabaceae) family, distributed in natural habitats on the territory of Belarus, Ukraine, Russia.

Birds-foot trefoil is a perennial plant of 10-40 cm high, its stem is decumbent, rising or ascending, the root is main, the leaves are petiolate, triple, the inflorescences are umbellate, five-flowered, yellow, up to 15 mm long. Beans up to 25 mm long, straight. Its fruit is bean, straight, cylindrical, of dark brown color. The plant blossoms long - from the end of spring until late autumn.

Perennial is self-pollinated, but it is willingly visited by insects. The first flowering begins in the first year of cultivation, it is more intense and repetitive in subsequent years, as a rule, 2-3 times per season. The fruit has small, easily bursting pods, they ripen unevenly.

In the wild form, the birds-foot trefoil grows in dry meadows, and consequently, a dry sunny place is also needed in the garden, it grows poorly in the shade. It prefers soils with a weak structure, but it can also grow on heavy soils. The birds-foot trefoil will feel itself excellent in the stony garden.

It is able to carry a fairly low temperature (up to -25°C) in snowless winters. It does not afraid drought either, however, it can slow down the plant growth.

When growing for seeds, the dry soil will be more ideal in order to limit the growth of the plant, which will need to spend more energy on flowering and fruiting than on the development of a large number of leaves.

The grass is harvested during flowering; beans - in autumn.

Application. Cultivation of this plant is recommended for people starting to work in their own garden. Also, a birds-foot trefoil is used in crop rotation, especially where it is impossible to apply broad-leaved clover (red).

Honey bees willingly collect nectar from the flowers of the plant. Its honey yield capacity is up to 15 kg per hectare of continuous crops.

Seed material, crop seeds


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