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Timothy grass (PHLEUM PRATENSE)
Timothy grass (PHLEUM PRATENSE)

Description. Timothy grass is a perennial herbaceous plant, OF the Cereals (Poaceae) family. It is distributed in all geographical regions of Europe.

It grows 25-70 cm high, its rhizome is fibrous, the main mass of roots is located in the upper layers of the soil, approximately at a depth of 30-50 centimeters. The stems are erect, the leaves are tender, grayish-green in color, rough. The inflorescence is a sultan and has a cylindrical shape.

The plant is demanding for the content of nutrients, it develops well only on rich moist loamy and clay soils. The vegetative growth of the grass begins at a temperature of 5-6°C, and the growth from the seeds begins at a temperature of 1-2°C. It grows well in meadows with moderate moisture, can withstand flooding for up to 30 days. The plant yields the best on clay soaked soils. It can not tolerate dry conditions. Also, it does not tolerate a large number of salts in the soil. According to the level of acidity, it prefers alkaline and neutral soils.

Upon flowering, the stem of crop quickly becomes rough and its value decreases. Timothy grass is a frost-resistant crop, characterized by high winter hardiness, it tolerates severe winters. It is a light-demanding plant, grows late in the spring, bushing is weak, and reaches full development in the 2nd year. In the grass stand, timothy grass can last 4-16 years. The grass is not resistant to trampling, tolerates it badly. After mowing off it grows slightly.

You can sow the plant in the late summer. The seeds from pure unprotected crops are harvested from the second year of life.

Before planting, weak soils must be fertilized with manure at a rate of thirty tons per hectare, or nitrogen fertilizers.

In case of spring planting of the crop the site is harrowed in autumn to a depth of twenty-five centimeters. The planting is carried out in April, the seeds germinate usually within a week.

Flowering occurs in June, a distinguishing feature is that it begins early in the morning, and it stops by seven o'clock in the morning, the entire flowering cycle lasts for 7-8 days. The first cut should be left for the seeds.

Application. Timothy grass is a valuable fodder for pets. The nutritional value of the plant as a fodder for livestock and rabbits is very high.

Most often, the growth of timothy grass is carried out for hay preparation. Therefore, it is not superfluous to say that the intensity of the grass growth allows to make two stages of mowing off within one season. In turn, when planting a plot for pasture, the plant can be bred three or four times during the summer.

In addition to agriculture, this crop is often found in the composition of mixtures for lawn grass. Because of the rapid growth, due to frequent mowing, it is recommended to add its seeds to the lawn mixture in the amount of not more than 10%. Also, when choosing this crop as a part of lawn grass on your own backyard, you should remember that during the flowering period, its pollen can cause allergic reactions.

Seed material, crop seeds


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